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For Sale:
Final Home Duffle Coat

Will Ship To: Con. US

Size XS, best for a size 46 or 44

Worn black wool felt duffle coat with lots of life to it left. The coat has an inner lining jacket that isn't padded, so it makes for a good piece if you still want to layer under. The inner jacket zips off, and can be worn separately if you really wanted to. The arms are also detachable via button snaps. The coat and the inside of the arms have buttons to help secure in the inner jacket in place. The toggles are on leather straps. Leather adjusters on the hood also. Cuffs have a very slightly raw edge.

Condition wise, the wool has gotten a small amount of fuzzing. The 4th bottom toggle's leather has a slight tear in it but it can easily be stitched or mended. The inner jacket's care tag print has faded out. The print on the wool outer is there but the tag itself is worn.

Price includes shipping within Con. US. Paypal gift or +4%. PM me if there are any questions.
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