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For Sale:
Hickey Freeman Dark Blue w. Stripe, 100% Worsted Wool, 44R

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a Hickey Freeman suit in excellent condition for sale. The suit is without flaws (that I can find) and honestly looks brand new. 


I have moved this suit to an eBay auction starting at $99.00, someone is going to get this suit for a great price!


100% Worsted Wool

Pleated pant with cuffs

Suit is dark blue with stripe (see photo)

Glad to answer any questions or to take more photos if requested


Size: US 44R



Chest 45

Jacket Waist 44

Shoulder 19

Length 31.5

Arm Length 24 (plus 1/2 inch of fabric)



Waist 36 (plus two inches of fabric)

Inseam 30 (plus an inch of fabric) 



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