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Best irons?

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Hi folks, hoping to solicit quick opinions on what some of the best irons out there are. Initially I was inclined to purchase the Rowenta Pro Master but was put off by many negative reviews on the quality consistency. I would prefer to have my iron as heavy as possible as it helps the ironing significantly.

Many thanks.
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Made in Germany Rowentas. I've got one that I love.

Actually, I think I have that exact one you were talking about. No problems from me, have had it about a year and a half. Best iron I've ever owned.
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same, rowenta.
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How about ironing board, any suggestions?
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I use a Rowenta at home and love it, however a friend had the same model and had some trouble with it. I also have their ironing board which is excellent build quality and the padding is better than anything I've seen on the market.
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Iron Mavens from Hangerproject look pretty hardcore....
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My tailor gave me a catalog that has 'professional' irons in it, similar to what's posted above. I can check on the brand later today. We have a Rowenta and another cheaper iron, and honestly, the cheaper iron works better.

I picked up my ironing board at a local Joann Fabrics:

It's very sturdy and I'm happy so far.
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I've been using a Black & Decker Digital Advantage iron for a few years. Highly rated, works great, and a reasonable price.
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The key things with an iron are going to be:

  1. Weight. The heavier the better. This means more thermal mass, which means the iron should be able to hold onto its temperature longer and more consistently, rather than spiking up and down.
  2. Steam production. The iron needs to be able to produce copious amounts of steam, for long periods of time. If you give it two puffs of steam and then it needs to reheat, that's no good. You can get a model with a separate water vessel like the professional ones, though these are admittedly much more expensive, and can be cumbersome.
  3. Ability to get hot enough. I have had a surprising number of shitty irons that couldn't get hot enough to really press cotton. This is less of a problem in the higher end models, though.
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lol...This is hilarious. OP, just buy an iron.

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I would like a better ironing board... My wife made me get one of the over-the-door fold down contraptions to save space in the apartment. It's better than I expected it would be, but still pretty poor compared to a real ironing board.
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Brabantia makes excellent, sturdy ironing boards with good padding.


I am also looking for a new iron. Rowenta seems to be a favorite here -- any recommendations for a particular model?

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I highly ecommend Lelit industrial irons. 5.5 bar pressure I believe. 7.4 kg (16.5 lbs) I presently use a Laurastar that is also good.

Here's Lelit though I reckon they have cheaper models --

Laurastar --

One pass over thick and crummy oxford shirts that I use for rough work and, hey presto, there's nary a crease.

Also, the steam generated is copious, so much so that I can 'steam' the minor creases out of my coat sleeves.

Cool looking too.

*Though when I was based in the States, I had all my shirts dry-cleaned. Cheap and way more time-efficient that way.
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