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Consider the source.

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Not liking something is one thing.



Being stupid, is another thing entirely.

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If you're still looking, as some others have said, Invicta makes a nice sturdy watch.  No its not the highest class watch, but for a good price you get a nicely working fashionable watch.  It doesn't feel cheap or hollow like some cheap replicas.  Its heavy, solid, sturdy, and keeps time perfectly.  


My all time favorite watch is the early 2000 Daytona, but its a little out of my budget for right now.  By far the most beautiful watch to me.  Its just my style.  I never wanted to get a fake Rolex, but I found a loophole with being able to have almost the same look without having to say its a fake Rolex.  I give you the 2003 Invicta Speedway.  I love it.  Only for a few years did they make it like this.  Shortly after they started changing things to make it their own.  I give them props for adding their own unique subtleties on the later models, but I am sure glad I was able to get my hands on two of these before they vanished. 



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I don't know any homages for the day date. That is a tricky one. If you are looking for a dress/sports watch, maybe let us know your real price range.
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 You can buy a vintage Rolex for considerably less money, especially now. A vintage submariner can be bought for between 4 and $6000.

 Generally speaking, there exists a watch which represents good quality and original design in almost every price range. You just have to look for it.

Good point. Spoo did the under 5k and 2k threads I think.

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Or just buy a used Tudor which is essentially a Rolex homage made by Rolex.

Tudor is going it's on direction lately. Enough of a departure that they don't really mimic Rolex.
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Buy one second hand if you can, a great investment piece that retains its value especially if you don't buy new. I have had my day date for a year now and I enjoy it every day, one of the best purchases I ever made.

Its sort of like having a rocket launcher on your wrist though.

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