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Smart casual tailored shirts in HK

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Hi gents,

Not sure if this is for streetwear or classic menswear but figured gents in classic here would know more about tailoring..

Recently moved into work where I hardly get to wear my suit or business shirts but there's a lot of opportunity for "smart casual" dress. I only own t shirts, jeans and shorts so while I go to HK for 5 days I thought maybe I'll go get measured up and try to get some casual shirts made.

I've heard about chans, davids, ascot changs etc and I'm sure I can find some lesser known geezers but I don't really know what I'm doing other than going to top man or something and thinking all shirts are made for girly men.. So basically does anyone have any recommendations of a.) styles for men that arnie would wear, b.) where I can get someone to make them and hopefully not $200 a shirt with a minimum of 3, as where I'm going to be wearing them has a high chance it'll get destroyed.

Say for example shirts like this dude?

Even fashionable shops that might be good would be OK, except I have always had issues finding shirts that fit properly (thin waist, big chest/shoulders etc)..

Many thanks
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There's nothing particularly remarkable about the shirt in your link except
that it is closely fitted to the wearer's body.

Any Hong Kong shirtmaker, Jantzen for example, should be able to make
a shirt like that if you show them a picture.
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Thanks - will add Jantzen to the list.

Got any pictures of something that may be SF approved? Remarkable even? smile.gif I'm happy to take suggestions, lookbooks etc, as I'd rather have a firm idea of what I want rather than walking in and asking for their recommendations on 'smart casual".

edit: damn they're closed for Chinese New Year and open a few days after I leave. Anyone else I should look at?
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