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What did I buy?

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Hello SF people!

Long time lurker, first time poster.


I own 3 suits (worth mentioning), a Boss (James/Sharp), a Gucci (Brera, Bold Sripe Grey) and a Zegna mainline-see pics.

The first 2 I purchased before I knew what I was doing-I just thought they looked nice. The Zegna though, I got a few weeks ago, after absorbing useful SF info.

I was sure to ask "is it canvassed?" to which the EZ employess replied "Yes, all our suits are fully canvassed".

The thing is, I'll be damned if it doesn't feel the same to me as the other 2 when I do the "pull-apart" test-and the Gucci at least I KNOW is fused, because the Gucci website says so!

Did I get scammed? Or do I just not know what to look for?

I have read that I should be able to tell by the lapel stitching too? That all looks the same to me as as well!





Is there another way I can confirm that the EZ one is in fact floating canvas?

Thanks guys!

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Unless something changed, the Gucci suit is made by Zegna and SHOULD be canvased.

Where are you pinching?
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Actually, my extensive research on here has revealed that Zegna make 2 grades of suits for Gucci-one canvassed, one not. As I said, the Gucci website even clearly says "fused". I am just kind of grabbing the general chest area and trying to separate the layers?

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Am I doing it wrong?


Also, trivia related to a previous thread on where dress shirts are made-

I have several EZ mainlines (all made in Turkey) Some Dunhills (made in Poland) some Z-Zegnas (interestingly, also Turkey-not China, as I would have thought)...and only one label that is actually made in Italy...GUCCI, believe it or not! 

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I own a real Zegna suit. It says made in Italy. It took me a while to find it. The local upscale mall stores carried Zegna but they all had the lower end ones that are partially or fully fused.


Inside the jacket it should say Ermenegildo Zegna on the label and THAT'S IT. Nothing else but the FULL name. No writing underneath it or anything.


The tag on the collar says "made in italy".

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Perhaps you're not doing the pinch test properly.  I've read about it numerous times and I'm still not confident in my ability to differentiate between canvassed and fused.

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That's my issue. How else can I tell? If I posted pics of the backs of the lapels could wise SF people tell?

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Take a pic of the tag inside the pocket. It'll show what line you've bought.
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Will do when I get home. I looked at that-doesn't seem to indicate construction though?

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