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In that price range, I'd find a good local place that offers Samuelsohn made to measure. Excellent value, a nice selection of fabrics and made in Canada to boot. Buying locally will make repairs and alterations easier as well.

OP, I was told that Samuelsohn will release a new line of bodies with special selected fabrics in the MTM line at Harry Rosen.  I have 2 suits, trousers, and a sportcoat from them, all MTM.  You need to have a good sales associate to fit you.  In comparison, Canali OTR is so much better if the 14000 series fits you well, and much higher quality (I have ordered 19000(I think?) suit, which is rarely seen in Canada (narrow lapels, slim fit).  Armani OTR (again if it fits your body) is much more stylish, but the quality is not for long-term wearing.  If I could choose Samuelsohn MTM or Canali OTR, Canali wins.  Much better workmanship.


Too bad to hear about the Vegas premium.  Maybe I will hit the clearance malls for shoes.