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The best of the best

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I don't actually like what he is wearing in this particular shot, but trust me -- when it comes to style, this guy is among the best of the best.

Anyone (besides manton) know him or see him around?

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The belt buckle is on his left side? That's next level for sure.
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Interesting. I tried Googling him and couldn't really find anything other than what you posted. Any more info? I've seen the belt-to-the-side before, but only on ribbon belts where the buckle is much less obstructive. With a jacket on, all you see is a smooth band across the waist. Is that Trad?

Oh god. Is this 2005 AAAC? Actually, kind of wish it were. frown.gif
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I don't get it.
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Originally Posted by edmorel View Post

I don't get it.

I assume it's a trad thing.
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That looks stupid as shit.
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I once read that the practice had practical roots. Guitar players turned their buckles to the side to avoid scratching their instruments.
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He is not particularly trad - in fact not at all. I came across the name somehow and was reminded of him and thought to post this, since he is pretty much a forgotten guy. Avery Lucas used to be a salesman and bespoke clothier in the 90s and is one of the more stylish and knowledgable guys out there, though he has pretty much disappeared. He predates the internet style era by just a couple of years. I can't recall where he staretd but he had his own line of RTW and bespoke at Saint Laurie then did something similar at Dunhill. He also had his own shirtmaking operation for a while. He really knew his stuff. I recall manton saying that Lucas was the only one he knew (and maybe Eddie Hayes) who has a complete collection of Apparel Arts. He was my introduction to bespoke and I had suits made under his direction at both Saint Laurie and Dunhill (I still have the Dunhill suit, which is very conservative)

If there is a current comparison, I would say he is something like Lucca Rubinacci in that he had a very solid grounding in classical tradition and used it to create an idiosyncratic but sophisticated personal style.
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It's amazing to me how, with the vast range of information on this forum and elsewhere, the most informed people remain those whose clothing knowledge predates the Internet. Or in the case of mafoofan, someone who's engaged in real conversations with real bespoke tailors.

I wonder if there is a general principle at work: that despite the huge amount of information on the internet, people aren't really more knowledgeable.
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