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For Sale: TOJ Olive calf DR 2010 46

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For Sale:
TOJ Olive calf DR 2010 46

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'll get measurements later.

I've come to grips with the fact that it's uncomfortable small in the shoulders and the leather won't stretch any further. I should've also listened to charly when he said the arm width i requested might be too small. I didn't realize how thick the leather is. It's really fucking thick. Every time I put it on I feel like I'm putting on armour. I feel like I'd be pretty invincible in a knife fight.

Anyways 650 + shipping + paypal fees>600>$550 is what I'm asking for a jacket I wore gently maybe 20 times.

P2P 20
S2S 16
Neck to bottom 22
Shoulder to sleeve end 23.5
Elbow 6

I checked the shoulder measure three times. The jacket fits tho and I normally wear a 17 in shoulder. I thought it would be like 16.5

I'm 5'10, 170lb
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Maybe some measurements as it sounds like you had some tweaks from the standard 47. Great jacket I'm sure it will sell very quickly. 

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I hope you don't mind my asking- I see that you measured it 3 times, but what's up with the shoulder width? Is it how it was intended to fit, or do you happen to have a narrower shoulder?
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There was a mistake by toj but I didn't measure the jacket til much later and thus didn catch the mistake. I just assumed the measurements were right but that I asked for too narrow of a shoulder/the leather was too thick
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