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Suits in Paris?

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I am going to Paris in a couple of weeks and would likes some tips on nice stores carrying classic menswear. Looking to buy a new suit or two, classic and well-made, preferably in a price range between 400-700€ and suggestions on where to go?


Thank You,


best regards Axel

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I really don't like a lot of the sartorial options here. By the time that you arrive, you'll have missed the sales. Is the 700€ per suit or total? I'll try to advise once I have more information.
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Arthur et Fox

I posted this in '09 on Paris shopping. I haven't been
there since but I understand from a fellow local SF
member that A et F remain an excellent shop for
classical clothing at decent prices for the high quality.

"I endorse Max Jones' recommendation for Arthur et Fox
on Boulvard St Germaine.I have slacks from them,
one pair of which is over twenty years old and still looks
good. They sell classical British-inspired clothing of very
high quality at relatively reasonable prices."

Other locations:

Arthur et Fox
Rue Vignon
75009 9ème Arrondissement Paris, Paris, France
01 47 42 00 32‎
01 47 42 86 81‎ - Fax

Arthur et Fox
44, Rue Bac
75007 Paris, France
01 45 44 90 40‎
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I understand that I have missed the sales by that time, but not much to do about that. 4-700€ was meant per suit, hopefully that will give me some options. 




Thank You, I will check out Arthur et Fox.

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Axel, 4-700E can get you pretty far in Paris.

My two recommendations are:

Boggi Paris (they just opened about a year ago)
112 Boulevard Saint Germain

Bruce Field (this is a chain store there are about 15 of them all over Paris) -- they are like the French budget Brooks Brothers, price is a tad lower than Boggi, but you can find decent suits and jackets there.

There is a Bruce Field store next to Boggi (136, Bd Saint Germain), and there are a couple near l'Opera and Comedie Francaise.

In fact, if get off at subway St. Germain des Pres and walk to the east along blvd St. Germain, there are a number of shops worth visiting until you reach blvd St. Michel. It's about half a mile long. (Check out Loding Shoes and Finsbury Shoes.)

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