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That tux looks cool. Don't worry about the second button, just be sure not to fasten it! smile.gif And don't worry about the double vents. I think double vents are very rakish, even if non-vented is deemed more correct. It might be more elegant, but you're young and cool, so rakish is a very good thing for you.

If you have a bit of a tummy, then the peak lapels will serve you better. You're right about what rounded shawl lapels do to more portly blokes. Makes them even rounder. And now is a good time to learn a piece of advice that will serve you well forever more. Just because we like something or think it looks good on a hanger, that does not mean it will look good ON us. I love the loom of ticket pockets on jackets and trouser turn-ups, but they make me look even shorter than I already am, so I don't wear them. We must be honest about our bodies and dress to play up our strengths and camouflage our weaknesses.
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Also, don't forget to have a thin line of white pocket square peeking out of your breast pocket. It will draw more attention to your chest, and away from your tummy.
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You can always get the vents closed up by a tailor. This is a simple procedure, and they just become part of the side seam.


As for vest vs. cummerbund, I'm not sure if your body type matters much, especially if you keep your jacket closed. I do think a vest looks better with a peak-lapel jacket, but a vest that matches your tuxedo is not an easy thing to come by. You would want an appropriately low-cut vest, not one of these high monstrosities. You should really not be able to see the vest when the jacket is buttoned. These kinds of vest are hard to find. Since you would not be able to match the wool of your tuxedo in the vest, you would want to go all-silk. The silk should be similar to your lapel facing (either satin finish or grosgrain). Finding a cummerbund is much easier.

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...good idea OP. Use both a white and a gold hanky, or fine one that's white with gold a outline. Post fit pics of you in the tux. Have fun.

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Congrats on the prom. Most importantly, have fun. A few points.

- For a rental tux, I'd go with a cummerbund over a vest. The simple reason is that finding a vest that fits correctly from a rental place and is not a disaster in some way (e.g. backless, way too visible, etc.) is going to be almost impossible.
- For shawl vs. peak, I think peak lapels may be a bit more flattering for your build, but ultimately, go with what you like best. Your comfort and confidence in the tuxedo are going to matter way more than your lapel shape.
- A tuxedo should ideally have one button and be ventless. That said, it's a rental that you're only wearing once. If you can find a model that is ventless and one button that has the other features you want, definitely go for that instead, but don't kill yourself. Given the number of vest / cummerbund sets in crazy colors, clip-on bow ties, awful shoes even by rental tux standards, an extra button and side vents are going to be a relative non-issue. In any event, side vents are better than a center vent.
- Good for you for having a self-tie bow tie vs. a clip-on.
- I'd prefer white to gold for the pocket square, but as far as matching your date is concerned, a pocket square that matches isn't terrible. You've successfully talked a 17 year old girl out of dressing you in a clip-on gold bow tie and cummerbund / vest. Good for you. Most people probably won't even have a pocket square.
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I would like a plain white pocket square, but i like the idea of a white one with a gold border. Also I was thinking that suspenders might be a cool addition, any thoughts?
PS what type of bow tie would you suggest, the only type I'm familiar with are the batwing and butterfly
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No on the braces for a rental suit. First of all, the rental won't have bracer buttons, which means you would need to use clip ons. That's a no no. Second, bracers are a practical item, and they should be treated like underwear--no one should see that you are wearing them. They are used to keep your pants hanging correctly, not to be a flashy accessory.
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Braces just keep your pants up. But clip-on braces are better than a belt. The clips will be covered by the cummerbund anyway.
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I'd avoid adding braces to a rental tuxedo, especially since they'll be clip-ons. Braces are great but wait until you finish growing and have the opportunity to own your own tuxedo. Just make sure your pants fit properly. I hope your tuxedo does not have belt loops, but if it does, do not under any circumstances wear a belt. The cummerbund can cover the belt loops anyways. As for bow ties, it's entirely personal taste in my book. I have a batwing bowtie that I love, though I find butterfly bowties are easier to tie. I prefer flat ends to diamond points on the end for both types of bow tie.
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The bottom (pun intended) line is that your pants need to stay up. Braces or clip-on braces or belt is totally irrelevant for your rental tux as either your cummerbund or vest will cover it up.
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