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P90x vs Insanity

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Hey guys,

I'm about 6 foot, reasonably in shape and

170 pounds. I'm lloking to lose that extra 10 pounds!

I've heard great reviews of both programs but

what would you reccomend? 

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a bulk
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^ what do you mean sexonfabric?

Do you mean that I should bulk up?

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In my experience insanity will help you lose more weight.

P90x is more of a bulk up program. 

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I think you'll be fine with either. Just make sure you choose one and stick with it. Consistency is key. Good luck
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I'd put both programs in a blender with a cup of egg whites, two scoops of chocolate protein powder and two tablespoons of peanut butter, drink it, and then go squat.

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Well I've decided to try out insanity. 

I play sports a lot so I feel that insanity will be more helpful

(in running and whatnot)

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Insanity's great, and you don't really need any equipment to do it, just yourself and maybe a yoga mat. You'll shed those ten pounds easy pz. That being said, I've never tried P90X, however it seems like you need a lot of equipment and yeah it's definitely a program for bulking up like the other poster said.

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Originally Posted by sexonfabric View Post

a bulk



Given your height and weight, you're already painfully thin. Bulk your way up to at least 190.

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Insanity puts the emphasis on cardio whilst P90X is more about weights - you'll need a set of weights as well as a pull up bar. Which one suits you depends on your preferences; some do one program to completion first beyond embarking on a hybrid - Insanity cardio with P90X weights.
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P90X puts the emphasis on being a douche(or a power ranger judging by the retarded arm motions) while Insanity puts it on being a tool.


By the way, bulk up.  6 feet 160 is laughable

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Hmm a bulk up?

My friend has P90x and we were considering

doing a hybrid workout.


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Hang on, if you are trying to lose weight at 6 foot and 170, I suggest you stop looking at Cosmo for ideal bodies. Do you even have any muscles at all? I am picturing an ecto with a very soft and pudgy mid section here?

Age must be less than 20.
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6 foot 190 lean is pretty muscular and requires years of training, jus sayin.

That's pretty close to me and I'm a very solid guy.
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Im pretty in shape. Im 19 and did multiple sports in high school.

Just trying to get that extra ten pounds off to help in basketball

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