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New Aquascutum Trench - Opinions on Fit Please

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Hi guys,

wanted to buy a trench for quite a while and finally got round to buying an Aquascutum Corby single breasted coat. Decided to go for the sngle as I'll be wearing it open at least as much as closed and didn't want too much material flapping around.

Anyway, I was torn between a 38 or 40 in size - 38 was a more fitted look but felt maybe a little restrictive around the shoulders when worn with a suit jacket underneath.

Again, I'll probably wear it both with and without a suit and I'm ot 100% sure about the fit of the 40. Please take a look at the links pictures and tell me what you think.

Please disregard the length of the sleeves, they are a bit long but ill have at corrected once I've made a final decision on the size. I'm also pretty happy with the length of the coat - difficult to see in the photos but it ends about an inch above my kneecap - any longer and it'd make me look even shorter!

My main concern is the shoulders and chest - want more of a traditional fit rather than a painted on trendy look but I feel tike it might be very slightly wide on the shoulders.. So, what do you think?

closed but tied back.

open and tied back


closed with no jacket underneath


closed with suit jacket

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Sleeve length aside, the fit is fine. For weather when one should be wearing something like a trench coat, nobody really cares if the fit is perfect; it only needs to be decent.
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