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Has anyone tried the Chippewa work oxfords? Esp the ones with Christy soles?
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Looking for the 6" mens boot in chocolate moss


Image result for chippewa suede boot chocolate moss

Size 10
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Hello, just thought I would contribute a little bit after having read the forum for quite some time. The styling on these Chippewa Originals particularly interested me and this thread was a key factor in my decision to purchase these boots.

It looks like a few of these can still be had at various and sundry locations on the internet. I recommend these as a solid, more budget-friendly alternative to Red Wing Iron Rangers.

My first pair was in black, size 10D and they were very tight at first. I have been wearing them for about a year now and they are loose with thin socks, perfect with heavy socks (or thin socks plus thin inserts). I am really thrilled with these!

I actually put a wax polish job on the cap toes at first for a unique dressy look, did my best at a mirror shine. More recently I stripped the wax and oiled the cap toe to match the rest.

I ordered the second pair in Crazy Horse leather and found much better price on them. Went for a 10.5, which was perfect at first but now fits well with an insert and thick socks - very comfortable. If you haven't experienced the hard insole trust me when I say that cushioned inserts will be appreciated. The leather looks much darker than the original color after using Filson's boot oil on them several times.

Please excuse the lackluster photography!
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I have a pair of service boots in tan renegade. I really love the leather patterning on them but they are bit more orange than I would like. I was thinking about putting a coat of Obenauf's on them to darken them a little. I was hoping someone who has the tan renegade and has done this could post a few pics for me. Before/after would be great but if you don't have any before pics I would be interested in just the results too.

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Out of my six boots that are made in the USA, these may be my favorite.
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Anyone have experience with the "Modern Suburban" chukka?


I'm mainly interested in the footbed and lining. I've read that they have a leather footbed but can't tell if its only the heel, with texon in the forefoot. I'm also curious to know if any of these Chippewa's have cork under the footbed. The Chippewa boots I have require a removable insole to be comfortable. These are also supposed to have a leather vamp lining instead of the typical cotton drill fabric.


They look like they would be a nice alternative to the Red Wing work chukka unless the quality is not the same.

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Looking to buy a pair of service boots, I'm trying to decide wether to get Tan Renegade, Crazy Horse or English Tan.

It seems to me that the Crazy Horse is the darkest of the 3 and a lot of the pictures are misleading online? Does anyone have an actual pic of the English Tan?
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Are the Service and Homestead boots on the same last? If not, what are the differences? Thanks!

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Originally Posted by JackFlash View Post

Are the Service and Homestead boots on the same last? If not, what are the differences? Thanks!

Same last, yes.
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Just kopped some new Chipp's and thought I'd share some pics.

First up, the Limited Edition Oxblood Service boot. Interesting color combo with the black retro sole. Had a Doc Martens vibe:

Next are these Homestead Boots in Tan Renegade:

You'll notice that Chippewa seems to have updated their logo for this line:

I still think the old Indian Head logo was superior. Wonder why they've stayed clear of it. Political correctness?

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