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I have a question for owners of the Chippewa Service boot. Are the insides of the toe area (vamp) lined with leather? The GQ boots and a pair of black 6" Odessas I had featured the drill vamp lining (heavy cotton), and after only a few weeks my toes would just tear right through the linings (yes I cut my toenails properly). So when you reach your hand in and feel the inside of the vamp/toe area, is it leather or still cotton on the (more expensive) service boot line?

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my black rough out service boots are cotton twill lined at the vamp. Or at least it feels that way.

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I don't think Chip makes any roughout Service boots- I bet you mean suede (different from roughout).


Thanks for checking inside though. 

I loved everything about the boots, but that cotton wore away like wet tissue after only a few weeks.

I walk a lot, but still was disappointed.

Figuring I may have had a bad make, I returned them for a new pair (Sheplers), then again after only a few weeks of good wearing (yes with socks and properly clipped toenails) the cotton lining deteriorated in the toe area.


I'm curious to know if any other Chippewa owners have experienced this.

When I saw Chip released the service and homestead boots last year, the info on Zappos says:

  • Leather lined for a great in-shoe feel


and with the higher price, I figured maybe they swapped out the cotton for leather.


Might just have to save up for some Vibergs. 

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Originally Posted by PopD View Post



Might just have to save up for some Vibergs. 


Or White's Boots, which would entail significantly less saving time...

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they call it "suede" but the shaft, at the very least, IS roughout.


Roughout just means that the smooth, finished side of the hide is still present.


That's how I understand it, but I might be wrong.


I can tell you that the boots linked to above have the smooth side present on the inside of the boot. 

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Bought a pair of the 6" Apache Lacer in chocolate with steel toe for 80 bucks on amazon. My Red Wing workboots are almost 3 years old, and had them resoled back in February and the outer sole looks like it would need another resoling in the next few months. At 80 bucks for the Chippewas, it was cheaper than a resole. I have a pair of harness motorcycle boots from Chippewa, and like them, so between that and the price, I bit. Showed up on Tuesday, and wore them the last two days. Pretty happy overall 

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That's right. Now is probably a good time to get some Whites, as the company was just purchased. Looks like Whites won't change much but you never know. I'm also curious about the brand "Broken Homme". It's all about a dressier looking black boot. 

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Just stumbled onto the Chippewa Heritage (not sure how I missed them over the last year) line as I was just about to pull the trigger on a pair of RW IR 8111's. I must say, I really like the look of the service boot model a lot. 


It seems similar to the 1000 mile boots, but they appear to be a bit more robust. 


Looking at a pair of tan renegade service boots on Zappos that I might have to get.


Anyone have any personal experience with the tan renegade leather???



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Also…while I am looking at it…the main difference between the Homestead models and the Service boot models is the cap toe and the speed hooks?? Anything else I am missing??

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Having owned both the wolverine 1000 mile boots and the Original Chippewa Service boots, I wouldn't say the Chippewas are any more robust. They seem about on par. But I do like the toe shape and profile better on the Chippewas and have found that the black leather offers a great contrast to the natural leather 360 welt - making the boot really pop. Certainly, the cork sole of the service boot makes it much more friendly to the elements than the Wolverine leather sole (the Wolverine sole was death on sidewalks until I added vibram half-soles).

I just listed a close-to-new pair of the J. Crew black 6" service boots in the classifieds if anyone is interested (size 10d).
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The tan renegade leather is quite nice. Scratches easily, but it gives it a good worn look. I currently have these in stock and have a pair for myself.

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