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How to wear tan shoes?

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A noob i need of assistance shog[1].gif


I saw a pair of Tan Paul Smith broque shoes on yoox for $250 so jumped on it. They looked pretty dark tan kinda brown on yoox so i was kinda surprised to see they were very tan/orangey brown. I'm struggling to find a way to wear them so I'm considering returning them. So any help or suggestions on what to wear with them would be much appreciated.


I kinda have only one pair of jeans that work with them but i'm kinda clueless how the top half should go...any ideas? 



Here are the shoes, I put them next to AE Walnut Strands and the Chocolate brown version of the shoe for contrast:





Below is my attempt (ignore the fit, as the jeans and blazer are new and need to be tailored):







Would you get an exactly matching belt?


Also is it possible to polish them darker? or can you get somebody to die them darker?

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I'm no expert on colour matching but I think tan shoes go best with lighter colours. I wear mine with light to medium grey pants and they look good. They also look okay with white/cream jeans and shades of blue below navy. Not sure they go great with jeans.
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Its a struggle to see how they work and they don't seem very versatile.


Anybody have any examples of people pulling of tan shoes?

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Lightish grey through to whites work best IMO.

A few thin coats of darker polish will easily turn them into a mid-tan though. Just apply thinly and allow each coat to soak in. With a bit of patience and mixing you could build up a lovely depth of colour.
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Tan shoes also go with yellow pants, but most men don't want to wear that. Anyway, the most important note is to have something above the waist be far more attention-getting than the tan color. The oufit in the picture fails because too much focus goes on the shoes (the only non-neutral worn). With a light blue shirt, the outfit probably would be okay.
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