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Hickey freeman suit

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Can I get some feedback on this particular suit? (Thank you to The_Foxx for providing the link.) I called to ask about it and was only told that it is a three-button, despite what it shows on the web page, and it is the Canterbury cut which has a more natural shoulder than the Boardroom cut. I do not know anything about Hickey freeman suits and don't know how I can tell if it is fused or not. I would appreciate any help. Thanks. Scott
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I don't know how you feel about buying a suit on ebay, but for a little bit more (~$800-$900) you can get a new Oxxford or Isaia suit. In my opinion that would be way more bang for the buck.
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*tenting fingers like Mr. Burns* exxxcellent.... a good choice, but I have to agree with the last post...for roughly $700 you COULD opt to buy a suit on ebay. if you aren't comfortable with that, I would check again JUST before you actually order your suit, to see if there might be a real steal. if you decide on the hickey freeman, I think you will be very pleased; hopefully, you checked out the story/ pictures of how every HF suit is constructed and sewn. the boardroom model MAY have a superior cloth or more squared shoulders, but.....hey, you could always call the experts at the store in NYC at Hickey Freeman (212) 586-6481 (the staff is very helpful, i think). PS when you decide on a suit and take it to a competant tailor for alterations, you might ask about your measurements (shoulders, chest, etc.), and write down all the measurements of the jacket and trousers (see the post on 'measuring for ebay') once they fit you properly. this should give you all the ammunition you need.
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I have a double breasted Hickey Freeman suit I bought in 1992 and have worn quite a lot. It still looks good and is holding up well. Seems to me that speaks of quality. Kai
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