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Problem is you buy a 16.5 / 32 shirt it's built for Danny DeVito.


i know this post was nearly 2 years ago but:



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Hello All - First post.  I am looking for a tailor that can provide suits and shirts.  I was contacted by a J Hilburn rep, and was somwhat interested.  Like the earlier posts, I am having a hard time finding information/reviews online.  There are some on Yelp, but they are all over the map.  Since this post is a little old, I wanted to try and revive the conversation. Does anyone have any more recent experience with J Hilburn?




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So this is a somewhat old thread but wanted to add my comments on J Hilburn.


I would be cautious with this company in ordering a complete suit. They have long lead times and if you have a problem do not expect quick solutions and replacements.


The items I ordered I returned and were refunded. The returns were due to defects on the first and wrong cut on the second. $700-$1000 each.


The Co-Rep was not at fault with these issues and will always try to replace the item but these solutions are postmortem and I saw no reason for them to keep my money for a total of 12 weeks from original order while they corrected mistakes that forced me to purchase items locally.


Understandably these are prepay orders.

The service is good (customizations) but the tipping point in the value-add here is that if you don't get what you ordered (after 5-6 weeks) it becomes irrelevant and the of off the rack tailored is more valuable/achievable/desirable.


I have one sportcoat from J that I do like very much and although my money was refunded I have seen no effort on the companies part to retain me as a customer. 


Also, be careful if you do fall into a situation where you need to return an item. Be sure you request the refund immediately. I was told that company policy was to wait until the garment was received by the Company/ Portugal before the credit would be issued which could add considerable time to this entire process if you do need to repurchase locally... Also remember your Rep is not a J Hillburn employee.


A suggestion for the company would be for orders that are deemed incorrect by management provide a refund and post pay for the replacement / new item or a one week turn around...


if your selling higher end fashion, providing the garment as ordered is a given and exactly 0% of the sale.

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