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Shirts start at 99.. I use to be a rep...extensive training with lots of support
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This review is for the company in general. These suits cost over $800. My suit when it was delivered did not fit and the pants had to be remade. After having the suit for about 6 months the lining started to fall out of one of the sleeves. I met with my stylist at a tailor and had to have the pants remade and my jacket repaired. 5 months later my coat lining is falling apart again today. I finally was able to talk to a J Hilburn representative in Dallas today who told me there was nothing to do and that my suit was falling apart from normal wear. I've only had it for just over a year. She told me that their suits are expected to last between 18-24 months. When asking what they were going to do about my suit she hung the phone up on me. They have the worst customer service I have ever experienced and I will never be buying anything from them again.

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@Linda18. J.Hilburn suits are made in Portugal, not Hong Kong. My boyfriend loves their suits and shirts. The quality is like nothing out there for the price he pays. He has a very knowledgeable rep and she is professional, stylish and knows her stuff. He has his friends buying from her now. 

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Ha Frank,

No experience, but I hear mixed reviews.

Think the on line store looks great.

Have you heard of Klein Epstein & Parker.

I know they are great in Made to Measure fashion.

Check it out,


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I know a great store in West Hollywood.

Klein Epstein & Parker.

Bring your jacket to them and they will take care of it.

They make great stuf and use the best European fabrics.

Great guys.

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Originally Posted by Jeroenbik View Post

I know a great store in West Hollywood.
Klein Epstein & Parker.

sounds like a law firm
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I haven't bought a suit from them, only pants, but I would not recommend them.


When my ($240) pants arrived after being custom measured at home, they were about 2" too short!  Not even close.  The rest of the fit was great, but this was ridiculous.  I could have sent them back, but decided to take them to my own tailor who let out everything he could (I knew this voided the warranty) and they ended up about 1/2" shorter than I'd like, but at least they were wearable.


Now I've had them for 2 years, and worn them maybe 20-30 times tops. Just yesterday I noticed a spot where the fabric was opening up (it looks like someone stuck a tiny nail through the fabric, though that certainly didn't happen) and as I inspected more I found two other places where that was happening - one on the rear and one on each leg.  I've never had this happen with anything else.


I e-mailed the company saying that I accepted some responsibility for the measuring problem (I should have mailed them back) but I certainly didn't expect my pants to disintegrate after 20 wearings.  They said "beyond warranty period of 1 year, too bad" and wouldn't make me any offer (like a discount on a new pair, as I suggested).


I'm not shopping there again.  The reason I went with them was that I'm tall and skinny (6'2" 180#) and I like slim fitting clothes, but I've learned to find what I want on-line at Banana Republic or J Crew (once you learn their lingo for what the fits are).  If it's perfect I wear it, if it's close I can get it tailored a little, and if it's too far off for that I return it to the store for free.  If I wait for a sale I can end up with 2-3 pair of pants (even with post-purchase tailoring) that fit as nice as my "made to measure" J Hilburn pants for the same price.

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I never really write reviews. But I am compelled to write this one. The short answer is: do not expect great quality from J. Hilburn by any means! They offer mediocre products -  possibly, attracting frat boys who take their fashion tips from the Men's Health magazine. If you are on a budget, J. Hilburn is overpriced, and you are much better off shopping at a decent department store for something like Hugo Boss (for a comparable price, but better quality) - where they will sell you a suite or coat off the rack and tailor it to your measurements. 


    I was introduced to them by my girlfriend whose next-door neighbor was a JH "consultant". I had not heard anything about them prior to that. So I googled "J Hilburn reviews" and immediately got suspicious. Most "reviews" online are not reviews of their products but rather the cheesy infomercials for the company itself! All sorts of people sit in front of the camera and tell you how they, with no experience in fashion or sales (!!), where able to start earning some sort of "good" income. I knew then that it was a typical multi-level marketing scheme in which the company makes profit not by selling good products but by recruiting hordes of agents - literally, anyone, often with no skills - who sell whatever they can and get commissions.  Nevertheless, out of respect for my girlfriend's friend, I agreed to try and order a few things. I also thought: if the quality is indeed as good as they promise, the prices are quite reasonable and even low. 


     The cashmere sweater was thin, flimsy, and felt incredibly cheap. It was priced higher than some of my very nice cashmere sweaters I had bought at Saks 5th Ave (on sale, however, to be honest.) In fact, I hadn't even known that cashmere COULD feel so cheap!


     The suit and sport coat felt stiff, and never fit properly.  Visibly inexpensive fabric. The sales lady kept using the word "bespoke", which was very misleading. "Bespoke" means the outfit is made from scratch, specifically for you. J Hilburn, of course, offers made-to-measure (MTM) suits/jackets/pants, which is a huge difference. They take your measurements and find a suit off the rack that sort of fits the measurements, and then make the appropriate alterations.  (Just as they do at a department store, except they provide the convenience of house calls.) Nothing fit well, and there was nothing luxurious about the overall feel of the suit or sport coat (the jackets felt heavy and stiff), so I did not bother with the exchange, just sent them back and got a refund. (It took several months to get my money back, however.)


    The only thing I kept was a shirt that was indeed custom-made and fit really well. However, the quality of the fabric is very disappointing, the shirt wrinkles after just a few minutes of wearing it, and after a few hours it looks as if it has just been taken out a dryer, flimsy and all chewed up. And I mean, it WRINKLES like no other cotton shirt I own! Nothing luxurious about it. Unfortunately, it was impossible to accurately judge the quality by just inspecting a small swatch. Needless to say, I am not ordering any more.


     The bottom line: I would not recommend J Hilburn to anyone who is looking for fine quality tailored clothes. Finer quality clothes cost more than J Hilburn's products, yes. But J Hilburn's products are hugely overpriced for the quality they offer. If you really want good quality, expect to pay more and look elsewhere. Any high-end department store offers a wide range of merchandise. You will find items of J Hilburn quality there at a lower price, as well as some top-notch high-end merchandise, fine fabrics, etc. And all such stores offer free alterations.  

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TBARTMAN - Really should have returned the pants to get the proper length...2" is too much to be off by!  I have been a JH stylist for over 4 years and only once have I had a client have issues with their fabric on the slacks.  He was a NHL goalie and had large thighs.  Fabric was rubbing and it wore out. Since it was within 1 year they replaced the them.  But he did say they lasted longer than any other pants he had.  Would Nordtrom have replaced your pants?  No they would not so not sure and the same level pants there would be about 40% higher and not MTM.  


Regarding MACCA15's comments, he apparently does not really know the facts.  All of the personalized suiting is from Italy and is120s and above.  The stylist should not have said Bespoke....as that would be like a $10,000 suit.  JH suits are personalized...in that they come in 1" chest increments with different fits, lengths, styling, etc.  Not off the rack as you suggested.  We offer fabrics from Barberis, Guabello, Reda, Piana, etc. so much nicer than your OTR Boss.  As far a shirting goes....the better the fabric the more if often will wrinkle.  You may be used to some sort of poly blends but we use 100% Italian (and sometimes English) cotton fabrics from Monti, Mason, Albini etc.  For clarification - our shirts are 100% custom and pants are  MTM.


Also, a refund which is rarely requested, is usually done within a week or so....not months.  


With a 93% re-order rate we appear to have many satisfied clients...many of whom have been clients of other custom clothing companies and made the switch.  Some people that are not repeat buyers may have had a bad experience, were only buying for a special occasion or just don't appreciate the quality and would rather get some OTR items on sale.  


I know a lot of the negative comments are also "fake" reviews by stylists from other competitors -especially if it is their 1st and only post.  We busted one not too long ago :)

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No the suits are made in Portugal and all of the fabrics are from Italy...Guabello, Barberis, Lora Piana, etc.  The suits are half canvessed.

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JH has a satisfaction guarantee....if your suit was less than 12 months old you could have gotten a remake or refund.  I have never heard 18-24 months wear on the suits.  With proper care and normal wear they should last a long time.

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My comments from 2014:

This saga seems typical of a certain class of low-end "personalized"
"custom" MTM operations. If one substitutes "J. Hilburn" with the late
"Astor and Black" or several other firms which SFers have tried, the story
is basically the same. For those with more to spend there is always
Scott Hill.
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J HILBURN just opened a showroom in NYC 


March 21, 2016


13 West 38th Street

2nd Floor

New York, NY 10018

(Next to Lord & Taylor)


Mon-Sat: 11am-7pm

Sun: Closed


Fabrics are milled in Northern Italy 


Suiting is Made in Portugal

Shirting is made at the Taiwanese Shirting Exchange


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on all products

Free remakes

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Fabrics are woven in Northern Italy
except for the shirt fabrics that are really made in the Czech Republic or India

Suits are Made in Portugal

Shirts are madeat the Taiwanese Shirting Exchange (what ever that is)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on all products

Free remakes are there so many mistakes that this is a part of the sales pitch?
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I won a gift certificate that got me 3 J Hilburn shirts.

The rep who met with me and measured me is not a clothing pro. I'm sure she received some training as to how to measure people, but that's still not the same as dealing with a pro, which I do locally here in Cambridge MA. She is nice enough, and ambitious, but I do prefer to work with true clothing professionals locally.

They offered a decent variety of shirt fabrics, with the ability to customize ad infinitum. The shirts all ended up a bit small / snug / sleeves slightly short. They looked good, and I have so many shirts in rotation that it's hard for me to assess their long-term quality. The size took care of itself as I've lost 14 pounds and they now fit well. If I hadn't lost the weight, I'd have to have them re-made however.

I find no reason to try them for suits or sports jackets or trousers. I have access to quality products at a variety of price points here in the Boston area, and retailers who are true pro's. I do well with OTR sizing generally, and the aura of made-to-measure tailored clothing is not worth the risk/hassle. I get all my shirts MTM locally anyway, and prices really no higher than J Hilburn.
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