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A Simple Project: Volunteer to be a Judge!

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We are constantly evaluating fits on SF, but usually as a part of a conversation. This means that consensus is often driven by early influential posters followed by a lot of groupthink. Dissenters may not feel confident enough in their opinions to speak up. Likewise evaluation of a given fit may depend heavily on who posts it.

With this simple project I'd like to do something different. Whoever wants to can "register" as a judge by responding ITT or PMing me with the subject line "Judge Volunteer". Registration will be open until next Monday night or until I have 100 judges, whichever comes first. Next Tuesday I will send 10-20 fits (not mine, or at least no more than one of mine) to these judges, who will respond to me privately, with no discussion in this thread or elsewhere. I will choose pictures that are not SF-recent nor SF-famous, nor perhaps even SF at all, in order to minimize contamination of the jury.

With the results, I will then summarize 1) the degree to which there is consensus among the judges 2) what judge characteristics influence ratings (post count, location, forum tenure, etc) 3) to the degree possible, what kinds of fits get high ratings. Judges will also be allowed to send me comments along with their ratings, which I will try to summarize where interesting.

I will never reveal any judge's identity, ratings, or comments, although after the judging period is over they are free to do so on their own.

So summary:
- respond or PM if you want to judge fits
- you will not be able to seek outside counsel to inform your ratings
- your anonymity will be protected and ratings kept confidential
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I volunteer! Sounds like fun, and I'm curious to see both the deviation of judges and the weight of various factors.

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Awesome! Keep the PMs coming, guys.
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Still plenty of room for participants! Thanks for all the PMs, sorry I'm not responding to all of them, but I will send a PM to all of you once registration is closed.
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Have I missed out?
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Nope! I'm just being slow in getting this going due to business and laziness. Will be rockin soon though.
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This is a fantastic idea. Also, I volunteer if there is still room.


Also, the Google docs survey feature converts very easily into Stata friendly data depending on the depth you want to go with this analysis.

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Still plenty of room. I will post ITT when registration closes. If you PMed me, don't worry, I've got it.
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Just noticed this thread. I'm in!
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OK - I have sent out PMs to judges with instructions. If you did NOT get a PM and you wanted to be a judge, let me know.
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I don't want to be a judge but I might consider being a bailiff if there is a position available.

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Have you been able to start compiling the results? I'm very curious!

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Still kind of holding out for a couple of stragglers to get their results in, whatever I'll just go ahead and start the revelation process. So submissions are now closed, if you're one of the stragglers. Here are the pics I used, as well as some random comments from me:

Info on each pic:

1 - random italian dude

2 - I think was a Brioni photoshoot

3 - Nick McClish. This has been one of my least favorite style photos for a long time.

4 - Many people assumed this was foo.gif - this is possible but I'm pretty sure I got it from cutter and tailor somewhere. It definitely wasn't a foo.gif - connected source

5 - Bruce Boyer

6 - Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock (Alec Baldwin)

7 - some random photo

8 - Nick Foulkes

9 - from Luciano Barbera blog

10 - Kiton photo shoot. To me, the kind of thing that can look nice in a photo like this but probably ridiculous IRL.

11 - Kobe Bryant in Giorgio Armani.

12 - some random guy

13 - random guy

14 - from some site on how to dress casually at work

15 - Kevin Spacey in House of Cards

16 - some italian dude

17 - Gianni Agnelli. This has always been one of my favorite style photos.

18 - italian dude

19 - same italian dude

20 - same italian dude

21 - random guy

Data and other comments to follow, starting tomorrow, I hope.
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Great, really looking forward to it!
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