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I am in too. Gotta save money for summer vacation!
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I'm in (as long as the challenge doesn't include vinyl records ha)

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I'm in, will probably make it through March and April. Got a few bits in the post from the sales on the way, and need to clearout some stuff.
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I made it through the month! First time in a while...although I guess I did get my suit tailored I feel like that doesn't count right?...Ervell sample sale tomorrow lol shog[1].gificon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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i almost made it frown.gif
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i didn't made it either, maybe march and april
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Made it! I'm sitting out March and April too, though I'll probably get some pants and a sport coat tailored in that time. May is going to be killer. Work trip to San Francisco - hello, Cable Car Clothiers and Wilkes-Bashford! Also, some MTM shirts for summer, early fall weddings.

Ed. for grammar
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Good job guys, let's go for March.
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Failed. Few Sns deals were too good to pass frown.gif
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let's do march. I CAN DO IT!

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I'll attempt March, but man did I fail for February. (I actually kopped the most I ever have this month)
So glad the Ervell sample sale is still technically for February.

EDIT: OH WAIT NOPE, guess it's already R.I.P. for me.

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I failed pretty hard, unbelievable.

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March will be the month for real no kops. I have faith in me and all of you... except teger.

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haha i made it pretty far. in again.
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I wasn´t going to buy anything for real, but a january kop ended up sneaking its way threw february. And I also bought a bunch of video games. But march is definately the month.

Mainly because I have no money for clothing purchases.

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