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Hong Kong - tailored suit advice

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Hello everyone!! 
I will be returning to Hong Kong for a holiday in March (visiting family) and am hoping to get some kind advice from you all, so thanks very much in advance :)
I am getting married later this year and would like to have some suits made while I am in HK. In the past I've always (reluctantly) gone OTR for work suits and am looking to finally go bespoke, particularly a dinner suit for my wedding!
I've spent some time reading the threads on the tailors there and have understood the basics such as the favourites (W.W. Chan, Gordan Yao, etc.), and also the ones to stay away from. Due to a number of financial restraints/commitments such as a wedding reception, mystery family members I've never met, and that big white dress that will only ever be worn once (!!!), the favourites mentioned here will be out of my budget. It seems Peter Lee is less expensive and has a good reputation, however his prices have increased significantly lately (half canvas starting from HKD 4,300 for a dinner suit, and HKD 3,300 for regular suits). 
I'd like to know if there are any other tailors around or below that price range that you could kindly recommend for me?
I will be there for less than three weeks so I won't be able to shop around too much and would like to get things started once I land.
Much apologies if I am re-asking the same questions from old threads, but I am hoping to get some updated opinions on what my options could be.
I look forward to your replies (even the "learn to use the search function!" ones), and thanks again.
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Try Simpson Sin Tailors. They start at about $550 USD.
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