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what case/cover should I get for my new macbook air?

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title says it all - looking for just a bit of protection so the unit doesn't get destroyed - mostly protection from a toddler.
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I just got my air in the mail - ordered the 13" and 11" from Amazon and decided on keeping the 11" as my travel laptop and I use my Macbook Pro with Retina 15" as my "base" laptop.

Like you - I'm looking for a case/cover....here's what I found:

1. http://www.louisvuitton.com/front/#/eng_US/Collections/Men/Mens-Bags/products/Poche-Documents-DAMIER-GRAPHITE-N48247

2. http://www.louisvuitton.com/front/#/eng_US/Collections/Men/Mens-Bags/products/Poche-Documents-MONOGRAM-M53456

I narrowed it down to both of these cases, due to the fact that I'm 25 and I don't want a classic case to look like my dad when I travel or go to work. I know the logos aren't all that, I just thought they were cool. My close third was:


I'm a sucker for navy but I can't bring myself to spend so much on this, even though I know it's timeless.
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Are you looking for a laptop bag or a case that clips onto the laptop?
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FYI I am also looking into the bags/cases that "The Armoury" features by Cleamatis, Ro, and Porter Japan.
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Can you post an image of what you linked? The link takes me to the following.

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Is there anything remotely acceptable that can attach to the device as a fixed case? Again, this is mostly to prevent bumps and bruises from a toddler. I have a carry bag, but this will not be my primary use laptop - more so just general home use.
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I know they make a snap case that looks okay for the regular sized laptops, not sure about the air though. Ill look.

The laptops hold up pretty well so I wouldn't be too paranoid.

If you're worried about scratches you can put an invisashield (or whatever the term is for the clear plastic) but I think it would look weird.

Is your child going to be using it regularly or are you scared they will get their hands on it somehow?

You could buy a shock collar for the kid and condition him to fear the laptop. smile.gif

and personally I wouldn't buy any of the LV bags, they look ugly and then you become one of those.
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I use this one for my laptop, this one is really handy to use if you have toddlers because it has like pillows inside of it. I've dropped my laptop three times since I've had this and there's no cracks or scratches on my laptop/screen.

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