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Just bought my first pair of raw denim *dior MIJ 21 cm* advice on tailoring/washing etc

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Ok so from what I've read the longer you can go without washing the better, preferably over 6 months. Now my question is should i get it tailored from day 1 ? or wait till after the wash? And if I should does anyone have advice on where I should go in new york city to get it done? Any and all help would be much appreciated!! They are black raw denim if that changes anything! thanks guys

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hmmm, well a few things to note. You got the 21cm's, which aren't really that slim, so that's one reason you might not expect to see a whole lot of 'sick fadez'. Second, you got them in black, which is sort of known to be a LOT harder to break in than the indigo ones. So don't get all down, but I'm just pointing out that I'm not sure you chose the traditional option for why people generally choose these jeans in the first place... also where did you get them and how did you size them?

by tailoring, do you mean hemming? I assume you mean shortening them, not tapering them (in which case you should have got the 19cm). I think most people recommend waiting 5-10 wearings for the stacks to settle down and then seeing how much to take off. If you get the 19cm or 17.5cm, the reason they're made so long is to keep them that way because with a narrow hem and long inseam, you get a nice tight set of stacks, but yes, it's not uncommon to hem them a little just to clean things up.

as for washing, well if the point is to let as much dye rub off and for the jeans to really mold to your body, then yes, you'll want to wear them the equivilent of 2-3 times per week for about 6 months before washing (inside-out, soak in warm to cold water, leave to soak with small amount of detergent/woolitedark and then one more water only rinse/soak)... if they start to smell funky inbetween, just put them in the freezer for 4-5 days. Just understand the point of waiting to wash them is to get the highest contrast fade lines, which considering the first two points above, you may not actually be getting...
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Thanks for the quick response, OK so basicly I really wanted the 19 cm to start off with in blue but I have been saving for a pair of black jeans since i don't have any at all. My other jeans are diesel/nudie which look pretty good imo..What happened was I browse ebay quite often and I saw a pair of brand new with tags dior in size 30 black raw... it was priced at 400$ and I offered 250$ and he accepted so I thought it was too good of a deal to pass up on. I'm a size 31 in grim tim nudie/ size 30 in express jeans/ 31 in diesel. So i gambled on the size 30 and hope for the best if not ill just have to trim some fat and cut calories lol... Anyways I know nothing about jean styling tbh I'm more of a suit person so I'm just trying to diversy. So I guess I'll wear them 10 times then get them hemmed.. Any other advice? Do you think the 30 dior mij would fit me based on my other sizes???



A side note, I read the 19cm are the most popular I'm not 100% sure about fits and all but I guess they are more skinny then the 21cms??? But I've read people have gotten them tailored to fit like the 19CM?? All of my current jeans are skinny jeans / tight.. So any advice much appreciated :D

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hmmm, I'd suggest reposting this question in the specific 'ask a question about jeans' thread for more feedback. I'm not a sizing expert, but the way I sized mine is take your actual waist size, subtract 2 for vanity sizing, ie the usual pant size you buy at the store, and subtract 1 more for a pretty slim fit and subtract 2 for ball crunching fit (not advised unless you know what you're doing). The 21, 19, and 17.5 refer to the general width, I think at the hem, not sure what size for though, but they're progressively slimmer cuts. It's debatable but I wouldn't bother tapering them since you should just buy the cut you're looking for, and no matter how high up the inseam you go, the top block will never be any slimmer. Lastly, $250's not unheard of, I just got a pair of 19cm (MiI) indigo from LuisAviAroma for $260 shipped to my door, so not a bad buy but the deals are out there. Any chance to receive them, fit, take pictures, and return (seller accepting returns for new items?) if they're no good?
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I'm not sure... I'm waiting for them to arrive they should be here by friday. I'm gonna post pictures and put them on this thread and godwilling they fit good and look good! So i dont have to worry about attempting to return them or reselling!

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Hey I got 3 pics of the jeans. They aren't the greatest quality but just so you can get an idea. I think they fit well, They stack not that great at the bottom but I think since the length is so long thats why, I definitely will have to get them hemmed right??? I was told to get an original hem? Haven't gotten jeans tailored before so not really sure what to do. Please help :D and let me know if you think they fit well??

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