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Long Winded: Where in West Toronto, Mississauga, or Brampton can I *try on* proper leather slip on large shoes / wide shoes?

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I moved out here last March and I'm having a heck of a time finding places that sell my size of shoes which I can try on in person without ordering them. I guess Albertans just have bigger feet.


I live by 427 and Rathburn and don't really want to drive an hour, I might as well go on-line.


I'm looking for several pairs of shoes in a variety of styles in 13-3E to 13.5-4E with more casual ones thus far being much harder to find… unless I'm willing to wear some kind of VERY casual shoe like a hiking shoe.


Of course I can order lots of shoes online… and then pay shipping… and sometimes customs… and duty… and then return shipping… but that's not really what I want.


Even stores that carry brands which I know are available in my size pretty much all seem refuse to order anything so that I can try them on. Either they're not "full line dealers" and can't order the ones I want, or they have a policy against ordering uncommon sizes.


I will mention though I've been impressed by Harry Rosen, they're perfectly willing to bring in Allen Edmonds for me to try on, (with a refundable 25% deposit.) And AE does makes some great shoes… but that means waiting 4 to 6 weeks to try them on… and it kind of limits me to a more narrow selection of styles and the top of my price range.


To be clear, AEs are fine, but they don't exactly make everything I'm looking for. Besides, I don't really want to spend that much on all of my shoes, being 250lbs, duck footed, and both driving and walking (on concrete) quite a bit, I tend to go through shoes pretty quickly. When it's warmer I like to go for a 2-4km walk twice a day (not so good with leather soles.)


This month I'm really looking for some causal brown leather (top or full grain) loafers with a rubber sole. I have a pretty bad back injury and some days when it's really bad I don't want to have to tie my shoes, but if I can get out and walk a few kilometers it loosens it up nicely. On days like that leather soles aren't just uncomfortable they're unsafe, if my foot slips even an inch or two unexpectedly… well I'd liken the pain it to being stabbed. (Yes, I've been stabbed, twice.)


Most days though if my back is feeling good I'd be fine wearing leather soled lace ups and changing into a walking shoe for my walks.

I guess the other option besides Harry Rosen is Payless Shoes… I can buy all the $30 plastic shoes I want… YAY! plain.gif no.


Ideas? I've heard there's Newbalance stores here, do they sell Dunhams?

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Welcome to Styleforum.
Glad to read you are familiar with AE. Have you tried the Heartland Centre in Mississauga? It is a clearance mall. Harry Rosen has an outet there as well as many others. 6045 Mavis Rd #2, Mississauga, ON L5R 4G6, Canada
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Harry Rosen outlet you say? I'll have to check it out!


Any ideas for non AE shoes?

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Try Hearland and also Vaghan Mills Centre
These will be 2 concentrated locations with many stores under one roof.
You could try Bruno Magli
If you want to try downtown, you could try David's Shoes at Bay & Bloor scrol to the bottom of their page and click CONTACT for their phone number.
Inquire by phone if they even carry your size. David's is having a mass clearout sale right now.
Davids carries respectable brands as well as their own house brand which I found to be satisfactory.
You can also try Holt Renfrew, also on Bloor just east of Bay. Go downstairs to their mens shoes section.
Again, you can phone ahead to make certain they even carry your size in stock.
Toronto leaves a lot to be desired for options. This is why I suggested locations. From there you will hopefully be able to find something of quality.
It would take too long to list every make all of these places carry but phoning ahead will help minimize the wild goose chase.

The Bloor Street strip (From Yonge to St George) has a lot of higher end stores as well as Hazelton Lanes in Yourkville (off Bay Street)
We have many members here from Toronto. I am suprised that no one else has rung in on this.
Unless I missed something you haven't stated a budget if any?
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Budget depends on the shoe, casual vs dress, welted or not, the type of leather, and of course how sexy it is ;) The availability is more of an issue than the price though. AE has lots of options, and the prices aren't bad when they're on sale… but I still can't try most of them on, and then if I get them at a trunk sale I'm still stuck waiting for the moon to do an orbit before I get them!

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I can empathise with your situation and I agree with pricing concerns. Perhaps you can edit the original thread title to read:
LARGE Shoe Sizes - Where to Buy in Toronto (and surrounding area)
It may attract more responses from other igents on here with larger shoe size requirements.
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