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Blue with...??

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I've been invited to a wedding as a guest of one of the bridesmaids so I thought I'd make my suit compliment her outfit.

She'll be wearing a blue dress (I've not seen the exact shade) so I'm thinking to wear a blue tie or a matching pocket square, but what suit/shirt would be best. 

Obviously I don't want the tie and pocket square to be the same so any help/ideas for pretty much the entire outfit would be greatly appreciated.


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White shirt. Navy suit.
Don't match her's a wedding..not a prom!!
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I don't want to match the dress, I just wanted to wear a little colour to subtly compliment her outfit. Over here in the UK guys pay no attention to how they dress, whereas I like to look smart and make a statement. 

I was kinda thinking of a grey suit maybe? With a blue pocket square....??

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I was thinking grey suit (poss charcoal) with a pocket square in the same colour as the dress? Or would a tie the same colour be better?
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Originally Posted by wfalenta View Post

I was thinking grey suit (poss charcoal) with a pocket square in the same colour as the dress? Or would a tie the same colour be better?

Maybe the tie, but since you don't know the shade yet, it is hard to say. A navy tie would look good.


Don't do the pocket square though, at least not a solid. Solid squares are typically reserved for solid white/cream (linen or silk), and sometimes a solid silk maroon or something like that. If you don't know what you are doing with pocket squares, I would stick with white linen, or cream silk for evening.

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I'll try to get a photo of the dress and post it to generate some more ideas!
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This is easy, bro. White shirty, navy suit. You don't need to match her dress. Just wear a white pocket square. It's not prom, it's not cosplay, it's not an art project...
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Complimenting her dress doesn't have to mean matching it. If you really want to coordinate with what she is wearing maybe pick a complimenting color that she isn't necessarily wearing and roll with it. I dunno, just a thought.

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I like the idea of you wearing grey w/ her blue, don't even try to match. However, maybe your tie could match her scarf or something along those lines.
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Medium / Light grey suit, pale blue shirt... Maybe tweed or herringbone grey, navy blue or black tie etc.  Maybe some browns / creams in there.


Browsed for inspiration:


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I would strongly suggest that you avoid neckties that match a bridesmaid's dress. I don't know if this is true in the UK, but dark suits with ties matched to the bridesmaid's dresses is a pretty frequent look for the groomsmen. If you're not in the wedding party, I wouldn't do it. The etiquette may be totally different for you, of course.

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Wear a small flower in your lapel buttonhole that matches / complements her dress or eyes.
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I'm not in the bridal party so I'll avoid a blue tie (even though I don't know what the groomsmen are wearing).  Could I get away with a pocket square or just a bit of blue in my cuff links or should I just forget about the blue altogether and go with something bold like crimson or maroon?

My other query is the colour of my shoes... If I decide to go for Grey or Charcoal suit (more than likely) and crimson combo, (white shirt?) could I get away with tan brogues? Or brown?

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Darker brown, yes. Tan, no.
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I would avoid tan brogues, especially if the wedding is at night. Unadorned black shoes are generally better for evening wear. You can do dark brown also, but try to avoid full brogues.

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