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Originally Posted by dddrees View Post

So has there been any consensus on why Patrick's shoes are cracking?

Is it because he used Reno, or is it because of something else?

I would think others would have experienced the same problem by now if it were because of Reno????


I think I would join Patrick in feeling pretty distraught and angry - if I had discovered that all of my precious and expensive shoes were now cracking.  No question in my mind about how he feels.  (One of the worse feelings is that of betrayal.  And there have been times when I was betrayed, and there have been times when I thought I was betrayed.  And I would wish neither on anyone)


And one of the reasons why I am offering to make phone calls on his behalf to Kirby at Hangerproject and Nick at B Nelson's - is to help get his shoes FIXED & RESTORED and returned to that luster look he so much wants.  


I am not much into the blame game as to how the milk may or may not have gotten spilled - but more into let's get it fixed, as long as we understand what steps, what time tables, what amount of applications, what routine, and what products should be used.


I believe the answer you want regarding Patrick's shoes - will have to come from Patrick once he gets his shoes restored (which hopefully can be done soon)


If you have questions about the use of Saphir products, and the order in which they should be used - I still believe the best website in the country for tutorials and instructions is Hangerproject (until someone points me to another).  And their phone is always available to call for personal help.



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