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They literally almost doubled my shirt rotation since prior to learning about neodymium magnets paired with a ferromagnetic stay, I never dared wear a spread collar sans tie.
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Fascinating. How do they work?

It's a neodymium magnet placed on the inside of the shirt collar, held in place by a ferromagnetic collar stay. Simple yet extremely effective. You can save cash if you just pick up some collar stays and magnets off the Internet.. Or you can buy the name branded set.
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Hi! As an Italian bespoke shirts company we generally recommend to go with a button down collar (to be worn without a tie), but I must say it depends on what is your style, what are your tastes etc. Here you can find a picture of a linen button down collar shirt:




Our customers really appreciate linen spread collar shirts, please have a look at this one:




We've also manufactured cutaway collars for customers who preferred a very spread collar (it's not shown on our website but we can make it:)

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Originally Posted by NOBD View Post

Some have a curve...



... and some are straight (the navy puppytooth for instance). Measurements are the same.

Nice collars. My next shirt I will try to get similar ones from proper cloth.

Which one of these collars from the bottom link is most similar to yours? I think it is between the Mini Club and Mini Point, but I am not sure...

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Both are – what's in a name? – much too small. The Mini Club has rounded edges, mine have rounded 'sides'. Mine are just widespreads (or cutaways, depending on the definition) with curved sides in stead of straight sides. The Londoner, the President Spread or the Richard Cutaway are probably most similar, but those are not curved.
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