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Custom Suits in NYC at around $1500?

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I am interested in purchasing a custom suit at around $1500. I already have a suit in process at Mr Ned's but wondering if there are any other recommendations at this price point for a custom suit in NYC?


I am aware of Ercole, Bhambi and Paul Winston, but I believe they are slightly above this price range.


Just want to make sure I am not missing a good value out there.



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There is other company which is run by Naresh K Lagadapati, LSNK Company which also makes  custom suits from $ 795 to $2000. All their suits are completely custom tailored. I have used them for the last 20 years and had nothing but good luck with this gentleman and the company. Suits fits great and last forever. Tailoring is exceptional and fabrics are some of the best in the world. Try them and you will be happy.

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I assume you are referring to Made-to-Measure and not bespoke, correct?

I have used LS Men's and have been happy with the results. They are squarely in your price range. Suit Supply also has an MTM program. I believe they told me they range from 1500 up though, so they are barely in your price range.

I seem to recall there is someone in Brooklyn (Greenfield or something like that) who also does MTM, and does Brooks Brothers or Paul Stuart's MTM program.
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Thanks. Yes, MTM and not bespoke.

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You can squeeze in a MTM Greenfield suit for under $2,000. I think my friend paid about $1,800. But it would have been less for a more baseline cloth. The standard English stuff we talk about around here a few degrees above baseline for them.
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Thanks. Any input on the quality of the greenfield MTM? Seem like his stuff has popped up on gilt with some frequency, which raises some questions.  

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It's just like Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece. A very soundly made suit. Full canvas, hand-stitched sleeve attachment, pretty much machine-sewn everything else.

The downside is that Martin has very strong styling preferences. He calls it correct fit, but it overlaps heavily into style. Don't go there for natural shoulders. He likes a straight shoulder line with abundant padding.
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Thanks. Any recommendations for a slim cut with natural shoulders?
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My father and I have a shop here in midtown.  He is a Saville Row tailor who does full bespoke garments (Leonard Logsdail LTD), and I manage the made-to-measure line (Carnaby Custom), which is right in your price-range.  I post some of our work on Facebook and Twitter @carnabycustom if you'd like to take a look.  

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