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Dress Shirts for the Tall

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First post here, and yes I have searched smile.gif

I am 6'4" but have even longer arms than most of my contemporaries. Currently I own 17x38 shirts. The sleeves are good, maybe a little long but 37 is too short. I am prob a 16.5 to 16.75 neck. The problem is I need new work shirts for a new job as I am moving from business casual to professional. I currently own nordsrtoms brand shirts and they seem fine but as I have lost weight they no longer work. They always were a little baggy but I let it slide. I found a local Taylor who gets great reviews that will custom make me shirts for 125-150 each but for work shirts that will wear out too quickly I would like to spend 80 or less per shirt. Does a 16.5x38 exist (as I have not found one) and if so can I get it for my price.


Edit: even for work shirts I like untreated shirts. I will get wrinkle free if that is all I can get but prefer not.
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Both TM Lewin and Charles Tyrwhitt do a 16.5 inch neck and a 38 inch sleeve.
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Harvie and Hudson also do some shirts (usually staples like plain white) with a 38" sleeve, including in larger neck sizes.
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Charles Tyrwhitt will also shorten their shirt sleeves in 1/2 inch increments, so for a price, you can get 37.5" sleeves.
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there are some dress shirts on STP from Westport (big and tall?) that are very reasonably priced. May want to give those a look
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