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Navy shirt

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What color dress pants should I wear with a Navy shirt? Black or Grey?


If either, which color tie? Black or light Grey?


I'm wearing Black shoes & belt with these.


Outfit A) I've heard to not mix Navy & Black so I'm leaning toward Navy shirt + Grey pants. But is it okay if my pants are on the dark side and my Grey tie is lighter? Or would that mess things up?

Outfit B) I can also just wear a White shirt, Dark Grey pants, and a Navy sweater. Should I then wear a Black or Light Grey tie? 

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Of the 2 trousers options, definitely go with the grey, and I'd prefer a brown shoe.
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I assume by navy, you actually mean light blue

Grey trousers
Dark tie would be ideal, but a lighter grey shade would be ok
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Here are photos of the outfit I've narrowed down to.
I switced to a striped shirt.

Which tie do you think I should go with? They both seem to make sense to me loll

As you can see, the pants are darker than the grey tie




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Dark shirts don't get a lot of love on this forum. Possibly consider asking this on the Streetwear forum.
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White, navy, gray, and black are such great colors to mix and match.  That being said, I would definitely go for the navy/gray combination, of course a classic white shirt adds style to any presentable outfit.  


Have you ever considered and/or purchased custom tailored clothing?  Not only can you tailor your clothes to fit you perfectly, you can design your shirts whether you want buttons, pockets, monograms, the thread color you want to choose, no extra cost...check it out...


Good Luck, I know you'll pull it off!

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A different tie or different top altogether. Black tie is usually considered formal wear (or for rock musicians), a tie of a lighter color than the shirt rarely works, and the light gray tie barely is any darker than the shirt pictured. Also, FYI, there are brands with better quality than Express for the same price.

Edit: much of this was covered in a similar thread, making this mostly wasted effort.
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Given those choices, I'd go with the grey tie. I've just never liked black ties with navy whereas grey can be very elegant.

Not sure why mensimageconsultant is even mentioning black tie, as black tie refers to a tuxedo which is clearly not in the cards. Perhaps there was something in there that I missed pre-edit, but the simple act of wearing a black tie does not make your outfit "black tie."

There are better values than Express, but that's a thread in and of itself. Given what you have, the grey tie will be just fine.
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