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Loake kempton advice

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My new Loake Kempton suede chukka boots arrived yesterday.Lovely looking boot.My right foot is a perfect fit but my left foot, which is slightly wider, i can feel my litle toe rubbing on the side .Can anyone whos had the Loake suede Kempton tell me how much these are likely to soften up /give with wear. These are a size 11 and not sure if i went up a half size if they might end up being too big ? Not going to be cheap if i have to send these back frown.gif

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I had the exact same problem with that exact same boot (well mine was the herring rebrand of the same boot), only it was the small toe on my right foot that rubbed. In my case it didn't just rub though, it got squeezed a little each time I walked, which was painful.

It never got better and I sold them. Whatever it would cost to return or exchange is way less than what I lost in reselling them (I lost like $120--nobody wanted to buy them!)
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Maybe too late to confirm that i have suffered from same problem.


Loake Chelsea Leather boot did not managed to break them in... after good 30 attempts and amazing amount of wax/ stretcher treatment in order to soften bite up..gave them away....


Loake Suede Kempton boot same problem on the left foot  as you have described and after numerous application of stretch cream and sock material thickness it worked...thin wool socks and not long walk in them to betting shop and back via coffee pit stop.


Loake Eton same problem left foot i do wear them around office as i do not walk much. 

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