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I manage a staff and unfortunately, many people don't need shows to egg them on. They get there all by themselves. People tend to over-estimate their abilities and contributions to the companies they work for.

In a pedantic, round-about way, you said the same thing that I did. That's usually what happens when someone's just trying to rationalize their tastes. Character development is great; it's what makes people tune in over and over again. Still, it doesn't change the way that they get to the character development...which is by giving the main characters "superpowers" so that they can skip the hardwork and get to the soap opera, haha. That's how most primetime tv shows work. If you like it, that's the only thing that matters. There's no need to try to manufacture a rationalization.


Let's let this thread move on or die deadhorse-a.gif

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Not all the suits are by tom Ford. get your facts strait. he wouldn't do that. MAYBE off the rack but not custom...

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I think he wears a full windsor not a half. its a pretty fat looking knot. 

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I thought the the show had MTM work done by Bespoke in Toronto , but I could be wrong .  

I don't know about Mike or Louis's suits,  but Harvey's suits are definitely not designs that one sees at Harry Rosen's.


Louis, like me is bigger , and his suits seem a little tight . 


Do they retire any of the suits ?...  

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I will get my tailor's opinion but I would guess that Harvey's suits ARE custom MTM  . 

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The show is shot in Toronto, and at least some of the suits are done by Garrison Bespoke.


The stories are a couple of years old. Not sure if GB is still doing them. 

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does anyone know where to get the following Tie from?
Harvey was wearing it in S5E12.

Thanks for your help!


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