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This thread needs a bump.  We definitely need more adorable dogs.


This is my girl Sasha.  She's an American Akita and an absolute sweetheart.


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Originally Posted by dcg View Post

I've already posted a bunch in the other dog thread, but here are a couple...

Great pics.

What breed of dog is that?
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Thanks! Pit bull mix (so says the SPCA).
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Bumping this! 





Got an album of random dog pics too

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Blurry update of my puppy (left). He is now larger than and attempting to phagocytose my other dog. 



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I love love love your dogs. Are they high-energy pains-in-the-ass like shibas?
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Haha, they have their crazy moments, but overall aren't especially active. One of our neighbors has a shiba and they can only keep up for like 20 mins before giving up an trying to escape.

When my wife and I take them jogging, after about 2-3 miles they just find the nearest tree and collapse, refusing to move.
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I want a dog :(


Petted / hung out with a samoyed last week. 



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Hell yes thread owns. Dogs own.

Really awesome of you to take good care of those Shibas, Synth. I used to have one (ex kept her after the breakup) and they are definitely not for the lazy dog owner. Miss that dog. frown.gif

My almost 5yo Corgi:

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My dog is so ridiculously hard to train frown.gif It's a constant struggle every day it seems.

She's a Thai Ridgeback, one of the most primitive breeds remaining. I've had her since January, still trying every day to get her to be completely obedient. More of a rant than anything, I feel like she's spiting me right now as if she knows I'm talking about her shog[1].gif Grr
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My dog does kick-boxing. Daddy was not so happy ;P He got his bread.

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Dog update, since she's a puppy and growing so fast!

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^ if puppy, she's going to be huge! 

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Yeah, she's 7months old in that picture. haha, gonna be a big girl
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