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Originally Posted by jimanchower View Post

Hopefully they've got some OCBD restocks to go along with their new site.


Amen, brother!

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After having read a fair bit on Kamakura here and elsewhere, I stopped by today along with my wife. It's an interesting story of how the Madison Ave. store first won me over and then lost me as a customer.


I had a wonderful experience from the moment I stepped in. I was attended to carefully by a female sales associate (I didn't catch her name), who took my measurements, understood what I wanted in terms of fit, and helped me get two oxford button-downs in the colors I wanted. From first to last, fully professional, alert, and fast service. She waited outside as I tried on shirts, asked me how they felt, made suggestions, etc. It was fantastic.


My wife, who was excited to see that they had a smaller women's line, had a dramatically different experience. Although we entered the store together (and were obviously a couple), she basically got a bizarre cold shoulder from the same associate. She asked to try on a top, which the SA somewhat curtly showed her and then more or less left her alone. She tried it out, came out, was not attended to by the SA. She had to hang it back up herself. The SA simply seemed to have forgotten all about her, not asking if it fit, or if she liked it, or other options...just nothing at all. As much as I was attended to, she seemed to not exist. The store was not at all very busy; it was just us and one or two other customers. 


Now, we've shopped at a wide range of places from consignment stores to Bergdorf's, Rag & Bone, Saks, etc. I learnt of my wife's experience after we left the store since she didn't wish to cause a scene. I have to say I remain very perplexed over the dramatic difference in customer service. I can say that my wife is extremely approachable and basically has never had people problems, so...this was all very irksome and disappointing.


I love the shirts. And I will likely buy more, but it won't be from the Madison Ave. store. 

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