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Need Help/Advice On How To Fix "Bowing-Out" of Lapels

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Hi All,

I haven't posted too much on this forum in the past, but I have lurked around and I'm hoping that you all can help me with a dilemma I'm having. I recently purchased a suit and it fit well in the shoulders, but through the chest, waist and arms, it was too baggy; so I had it altered. The alaterations shop where I took it slimmed it down a lot, and when I put it on after they were done, the lapels would "bow out." I took it home, tried it on, analyzed it and determined that it probably needed to be altered again. I then took it to a place that actually makes bespoke suits, in hopes that they would know exactly what to do. They seemed to recognize what the issue was, and said that they would let it out as much as they could. I picked it up a week later and while the lapels don't "bow out" as much as they did before, they do still a little bit; especially if I put my hands in my pockets, or move my shoulders back. I was wondering if anyone knows what is actually causing my jacket lapels to do this. I don't think that it is too tight in my chest or waist area, because there is plenty of room if I pull the jacket out from the top button, away from my chest. Also, the first alterations shop I went to slimmed down the sleeves quite a bit, possibly altering the armhole by making the opening smaller. I'm not sure if they actually made the opening smaller, but I suppose it's possible. My supposition is that the armhole was made too small for my shoulders, and this is putting pressure on the lapels. Is that plausible? Thank you for any help you can give, I have attached pictures to help show what is actually going on. Thank you very much!



Also, I didn't menion this before, but the lapel sticks out/rolls out above the top button; can this be pressed down? How/where would I go about doing this?



You can see how the left lapel pulls away from my chest where it should be resting.







My arms are slightly bent.






Hands in pockets.







It looks alright from the front, but it still pulls slightly.






Also, it looks like there is too much fabric around the back of my shoulders/armhole opening. Could this be causing anything? Does it need to be taken in?


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I would just advise what you are already did. Did it end up working okay? What did they end up doing? 

I have been wondering if tailors would be able to fix that. 

Hope it worked out!

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