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gianni agnelli brooks bros

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were Gianni's button-down oxfords really Brooks Bros? When I checked them out in person they looked kind of cheap to me.. In the same article I think they said he also wore Tod's, when I'm pretty sure his drivers were actually Miserocchi. 

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Yes, I'm pretty confident they were. Numerous sources have said so.

Keep in mind, today's Brook Brothers is not the same as Agnelli's. Also, oxford cloth shirts were never supposed to be fancy shirts. They are the everyman shirt and thus are meant to be somewhat rough around the edges. If nothing else, the coarseness of oxford cloth itself guarantees it.
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cheers.. looking for a great oxford that I can buy in-person (NYC).. checked Turnbull & Asser but their diamond weave is a little fancy and doesn't really give off an "oxford" vibe to me, so that was a no-go! I was hoping Agnelli's shirts wouldn't be Brooks because I am aware that their quality has downgraded over the years. 

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That's why you use Brooks Brothers. Nice shirtmakers may not have the right oxford cloth. Anyway, a bespoke version sort of misses the point. It's supposed to be more utilitarian and casual.

If you want something close to what Agnelli wore, order MTM ones from Brooks Brothers, but make sure to stipulate no interlining in the collar and cuffs.

I'm not sure you will like what you get, though. It will be a soft, rumply shirt. Just the way it should be.
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