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Vintage Braces / Suspenders

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Hey Folks,


New to the Styleforum as of today, but am eager to learn and gain the wisdom of the many here.


I had a question on braces... I'm 10 years removed from college where one of my classic looks was leather suspenders with a tie for formals. I feel like it's been awhile since that look has come back. Maybe I am not looking in the same places. But I am trying to find some classic designs from the past, and wondered if anyone had any or features they liked?


I've got a business on the side, and hope to develop some inspired from the days of old. Really, I just want to make some that have that classic look.




Xan Hood

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If your interested in a vintage look you might take a look at the fedora lounge forum site. They specialize in vintage while this forum seems to me to be predominantly current fashion oriented with an undercurrent of traditional style advise. Not that you wont find what you are looking for here, but you might find that site useful as well...


- Randy

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