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has anyone ever seen this tom brady SNL skit?

moral of the story: be good looking
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Yes, defiinitely ask them all out, its the most efficient search strategy. As far as say they're cute, no. But I think a complement goes a long way, especially if sincere. A girls hair, her muscles, the outfit she's wearing, great smile. Grabbing coffee is easier that getting a drink, unless you're really good looking than probably anything works. Best advice ever, talk to everybody you meet. Old ladies in the grocery line, guys filling their gas tank, women in the supermarket. That way, its just really natural when you strike up a conversation with a girl thats super hot. I do better on a commuter train than in a club,
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Compliments can be a double edged sword, girls can tell if you're not sincere and if you make an insincere compliment you are done.


Agree with the college-age girl thing... you are 28 and are going to be annoyed, if not by her then by her friends/lifestyle. I just dumped a 22 y/o girl I was dating for a while, not because I don't like her, she was (literally) crazy. She was actually cool, but her friends and lifestyle were definitely different. Lol, I'm 38 so I should have known better but it's hard to turn down the opportunity, young girls can be really hot.

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Avoid comments about her body. Just be nice and say hello. You'll probably get denied a lot but someone will say yes.
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Consult Manton's Courtship Advice Thread for all your answers.
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I am a happily married boring middle-aged guy. I am on styleforum. I notice clothing. I look like a poor man's Matt Lauer, complete with the exact same haircut and thinning hair, i.e. I'm no Tom Brady. About a month ago, I'm having a few drinks w/ friends, I'm standing at the bar ordering a round, this rather attractive girl significantly younger than me is also ordering drinks, wearing kind of a cool leather jacket. I tell her I like her jacket. This leads to a conversation of how she thrifted it, got it for $30, I tell her how I got a cool sport coat on eBay for $40, blah blah blah, we could have talked all night, but my friends finally yell at me that they want their drinks. So I say sorry I have to go, and she says "too bad," then she says "wait a minute." Digs in her purse and gives me her phone number and says something along the lines of she really enjoyed talking with me and would like to again some time.

Of course, when I'm single, I can't get a girl to talk to me, but now that I'm married, women are interested left and right.

Anyway, the point is, compliment one of these girls on their earrings, sandals, whatever, a good icebreaker, and go from there.
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