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Help identifying/dating Florsheim Royal Imperial wingtips...

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Hi- I've been poking around the forum looking for more information but felt it probably would be most helpful if I just posted the shoes. I found these shoes today- the interior has seen better days but the exterior overall look pretty good considering that they're probably relatively old shoes. I was hoping someone would be able to identify the kind of leather used, maybe the time frame in which they were produced, and maybe just share more information with me overall. The number inside is 659219. I picked them up for a couple bucks at a thrift store so if they are a loss no big deal.


Thanks in advance for your help!

















photo-4.JPG 144k .JPG file
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1980's. The reason is in the heels. the V Cleat is there, but the 64 nails are not present. They are still solidly made.

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They are the Florsheim Imperial or Royal Imperial Five Nail 'V' Cleat


The shoes have had new heels and half soles of questionable quality installed.


The heels have the 'V' cleat extending to the outer circumference of the heel.  The OE heels had the 'V' cleat further inward so that no part of the metal was exposed to the outer portion of the heel radius.


There aren't the traditional multitude of nails for the heel.


The sole seems questionable.


To have B Nelson re-do the shoe will entail new heels (yes they do the multi nail heels with "V" Cleat) and new soles (requiring the new outer sole and possibly a new inner sole at extra cost -- these shoes had two soles).  They will discuss upon receipt.


Worth it?  Your call.  You probably can get a much better starter 'V' Cleat shoe on EBay for mcuh less than the refurbishment cost.  But they would be brought up to 'new' condition by pros and I must admit the uppers do look very nice.


Great shoes if in good shape and will last two or three lifetimes.  How many do you have left?



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This is a pic of a rather worn Florsheim Five Nail 'V' Cleat shoe.  Notice the cleat is inboard of the outer portion of the heel and the many nails (64?) involved.  Quite a shoe if in great shape.  I have three pair.  Love 'em.

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check this Ask Andy thread for pics of the Florsheim catalog and a description of the various colors available.



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80 nails I can count plus one in the V cleat. Super love them as well. I have two pairs of Imperials. But I'll look up to have a pair of "Florsheim Five Nail 'V' Cleat shoe". 

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I recently had B Nelson (Nick Valente's shop) restore my Florsheim V Cleat heels.  The soles were still very good and will allow much more use without replacement, but the heels needed replacement.  So......... off they went for a new set of V Cleat heels.


The contact info is:


They now look like virtually new shoes!!


I've attached pics of them below.  They have all the multiple nails and the fabled cleat.


Overall, a great job and I'm very pleased!



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