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Merc quality

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I am thinking about ordering a Merc jacket, any experience with this brand in terms of quality?
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this is the jacket, is this going to be crap?
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I bought a Merc Harrington jacket seven years ago and am still wearing it. The quality is great. I have been wearing it a lot and the fabric is still in good condition, only the colour has changed from black to red-brown, due to wind, rain and sun. Back then I paid 50£ in their Carnaby Street shop.

Of course the quality of Merc jackets might have changed. The prices certainly have.
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They still seem to have good prices though
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There is an interesting discussion about labels - like Fred Perry, Ben Sherman, Baracuta and Merc - that try to rewrite their own history and jump on the Mod/Skinhead bandwagon to gain "street credibility":

I am always suspicious when I see branding and adverts that try to summon the spirits of the past, in this case the 60ies and 70ies, to communicate quality. Real quality labels don’t need this. In the case of fred Perry I can say that it is a rather cheeky lie. The company used to sell sportswear, now it is a lifestyle label The quality of their polos went down in the last couple of years. I bought a FP polo when I was a teenager and after a lot of wear it is still in a better condition than the ones I bought two years ago.
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I think that is something that is happening to a lot of companis, quality in clothes in general is going down hill if you compare to 20 years ago, I am want to know if now Merc is good quality for the price since I like some of their clothes
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Bad quality

In the last years I have bought a harrington, two shirts and jacket from Merc. Unfortunately I must say that all of them were very low quality.
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