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^^ Thought that first guy had a robotic claw hand for a second, turns out it's just a pair of knucks ?
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Might as well post this here too

UNDERCOVERISM Fall 2005 "Arts & Crafts"

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something more in line with the OP

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Originally Posted by sipang View Post




Every once in a while I think about this WM vest and get sad that I slept on it.  In cobalt blue, though.  There's something much cooler about it than there should be.

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Same. Yoox had the dark grey version in my size about a year ago for next to nothing, slept on it like a dumbass
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need to get a post in this thread so i notice it. anyway, i'm pretty sure this is yoallanface on sufu from almost a year ago:

"raf parachute jacket
rvca tank
rick cargo pants
raf moto hightops"

would be hard to categorize raf as streetwear now but the older stuff definitely has that vibe (to me), what with the youth culture aspect and all.
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Good thread.
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Undercover ss13 - Men's Non No






















White Mountaineering - Grind Magazine


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??? is a Beef fit
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the stylist for that UC non-no shoot is a conceptual florist

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I dunno if this matters, but I am designing some very Visvim style Viberg boots. I will probably use a roughout heather grey (looks like the dusk color used by Rick Owens DRKSDW), to build a double leather midsole in natural, and a cream Vibram 2060 outsole, with a brogued captoe. I am debating having a contrasting heel piece in Calico grey leather, which is a little khaki colored. Either six or seven eyelets.
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Did those boots ever get made?

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