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Burgundy or Oxblood shoes are my favorites for navy or charcoal suits worn during the day. At night, black is OK, but too boring for day wear. Never brown.

Never brown? I think brown shoes are the best option for navy suits, at least in non-interview situations.

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Originally Posted by Zauberer View Post

If you're going to an interview, wear the suit and wear a pair of shoes, period. Black, brown -burgundy, doesn't matter. .  If they're clean, they'll be fine. 


Over the years, I've interviewed near countless people.  I'm not in HR but we wisely don't give our HR department any kind of weighty say in who we're hiring. That didn't work out so I along with a hiring comittee do the interviews.  As long as the applicant is hygienic and mostly presentable, I get past their clothing.  Maybe they don't have cash for a truly good well-fitted suit.  That's why they need a job to begin with, right?  If they're young and straight out of school like the OP all manner of "sins"  are fogivable. Lack of cleanliness is not forgivable. If they've tried and have a jacket and tie then I want to move on and find out if they are worth a damn as a human being..  I'm hiring them not their closet. We can worry about their closet later. The most important thing is your demeanor.  Are you confident?  Will you look me in the eye and answer a question?  Are your answers canned or natural?  Do you have basic understanding of what's required of you for the job and life in general, or are you a moron?   A little nervousness is expected, but are you shaking like an inbred chihuahua and choking?  Are you going to pee on my floor?  IMPORTANT:  Are you qualifed?  


I honeslty don't give a shit if you're wearing brown or black shoes or whatever.  As long as they're clean.  Anyone who does think that brown or black makes an enormous difference with a navy or grey suit is someone you'd prefer not to have as a boss. Trust me.


I'm concerned for the OP because anyone who will come to an internet message board for validation on what sort of shoes to wear might interview disastrously.even if he's dressed splendidly.   Wear whatever color, but if you prefer to be told, wear black oxrfords. 


Good luck in your interview and in your future.  Sincerely. 



Thanks for the advice, the reason i'm asking if its not obvious is the wide difference in opinion of what is appropriate or not for an interview, since most people think brown/burgundy are too casual. Confidence isn't the issue, I was more looking for the standard/rule. 

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