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The type of arch you have is one of the most important considerations in determining which type of running shoe is best for your feet. Modern running Shoes are developed with optimal combinations of support, stability and cushioning technologies for each type of arch.

It is said that a house is only as solid as the foundation on which it was built, and as for your shoes, you should also take steps to protect your soles. There are numerous kinds of soles; however, a good pair of quality leather shoes will be based on leather soles. As much as you protect the leather on top, the leather on the bottom should also be protected.
These factors include the height and weight of the person who use it, the frequency of the use and the shape and size of the persons feet. If you choose cheap Wholesale Shoes or discount shoes you should ensure that that color and design of the shoes are relevant. Despite less in the price, the quality and design of the discount shoes are very trendy and excellent.