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Slanted suit sleeve cuffs?

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On a recently altered suit coat, I just noticed something that strikes me as quite strange: the sleeve cuffs are slanted/angled. What do I mean by this? I wish I had a pic, but for now I will describe it in words: if the suit is on a hanger with the sleeves hanging straight down, the sleeve cuff does not look parallel to the ground (---). Instead, it slants upward at a slight angle (a few degrees maybe). To my eye, the sleeve looks strange when my arms are at my side, though it looks great if I bend my elbow so that my forearm is parallel to the ground.

Did my tailor fuck up, or was there some reason for angling the sleeve this way?
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I was thinking of posting this exact question, as my tailor does the same thing when altering my sleeve lengths.  The cuffs are slanted.  I also noticed this as an option on a MTM site.  So I do not think he screwed up.


It should be noted that I live in Greece, and my tailor is old, so we are talking about another school of thought.   It is also interesting that when I took my first jacket to get my sleeves shortened, the tailor did not want to show any cuff.  When I told him of my desire to show some cuff, he told me that it would look odd when I would bent my elbow as too much sleeve would show.  So it could be that since the majority of time we have our elbow bents, they think it is better to design a sleeve that looks good with the elbows bent.

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From the description it may be Turnback or Cutaway cuffs. Photos would help ofcourse.

Example of a Turnback cuff:




Hope this helps.

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Ha ha. No, it is a normal cuff. It just isn't straight. Put your foot flat on the ground. Now raise your toe an inch or two, using your heel as the pivot point. The sleeve cuff is cut at that angle.
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