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For Sale:
Yuketen 5" Dress Hunt Boots DG Brown Size 12 E

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Received today, worn briefly today, enough to establish that they are too large.

- Mocassin-stitched upper (hand-stitched in New England)
- Double-bottomed (This means that in addition to the footbed and midsole, there's a leather overlay that goes under and wraps up around the foot
- Stone-colored rough-out main with brown scotch grain overlay and back strip/pull tab
- Black deer-skin tongue
- Pinking details (Yuketen signature) on the overlay and back strip/pull tab
- Gooyear welt
- Vibram oil-resistant sole
- Comes with box and cloth shoe bag

The size is a 12 E, but the last is actually narrower than a normal E. I have narrow feet, but, allowing for some future stretch, I would say these would best fit someone with a true D-width foot.

Lengthwise I would approximate them at 12 3/4" (I'm about a 12 1/2)

Price is $200 shipped in US. More for international.