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but I rather have 3 shirts for $480 than one shirt for $475. Of course, that's just me.
I am at the other extreme end.  I would rather spend all I could afford on a perfect shirt than to have a quantity of less-than-perfect shirts which I would regret later on.  The problem is, once you have had a perfect shirt made for you, you will never want to go back to off-the-rack.  If one were to have a shirt from Mr. Kabbaz, I doubt if he would even cast so much as a glance at another ready-made Borrelli.  Drooling over the Royal Collection fabrics, maybe, but certainly wouldn't even dream of getting their ready-made.
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Steve, can you post some pictures of Alex's shirt here (preferably highlighting the luxurious details/cutting or sewing techniques that he uses which are otherwise unavailable in other shirts in the same price bracket). I want very much to know how a $475 shirt look like.
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I can, without reservation, report that Alex has been a real gentleman and extremely giving of his time with me. I have picked his brain and asked his opinion on several shirt matters and he has been absolutely generous and incredibly helpful with his time. In terms of pricing and what constitutes too much I would only say that if the price is outside one's budget then they should turn to a lower priced alternative but the product Alex turns out is the best - most of his business is repeat customers so I think it is safe to assume that his customers felt they got a good value. I have 4 tie customers who have several of Alex's shirts and all of them said basically the same thing - if he charged more they'd pay it and once they got shirts from him they quit looking and considered their shirting needs 'solved'. I've also spent some time discussing fabrics with Alex and I know what they cost me to buy 200 yards at a time directly from the mill and I know it is a lot more when you buy it in smaller bites. The good stuff is several TIMES more expensive than the average stuff. ...not trying to debate what a top quality custom shirt should cost but the overpriced items on the market aren't the $500 custom shirts - the really ridiculous markups are the $150 shirts mass produced from MUCH cheaper materials with a unit cost of $15 - them 10 year olds in the third world don't sew straight no matter how hard you beat them. Anyway - I for one would love to see Alex back on the forum because I am selfish - his knowledge and willingness to take the time to share it makes me a lot better at my job. Alex - i think I still owe you a beer.
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You know, I had a reply here that just disappeared. Let's see if I can make it come back...
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