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Shirt & bow tie decisions

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I am attending a christening soon and was planning on wearing a light grey suit and caramel shoes but am stuck for what shirt to wear and whether I should wear a tie or bow tie? Can any one help?
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Don't wear the bow-tie, let the baby have the spotlight.  After all, it's his/her day.


I always thought bow ties are just a way of saying "hey, look at me!  I'm quirky and different!" (but not so much original because many before me have already employed this tactic)


Don't get me wrong, there are some instances where I think it's okay, but if everyone else in the room is going to be wearing a regular tie and you are the only person wearing a bow-tie, than that's what I would think if I were there.


Just my two cents.


For the shirt, you can never go wrong with white.


(as you can tell, I'm pretty conservative)

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