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The correct course of action.
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As regular viewers of the WAYWRN thread now, I loves me an occasional ugly tie. biggrin.gif


I think you have to wear them as the exceedingly ugly centrepiece of an otherwise neat & smart outfit... or go full bananas kaleidoscopic. In other words, it has to be obvious that you know it's ugly and just enjoy it for being so. It's all about  tongue-in-cheek, not about looking elegant or even well-dressed. If you don't like that attitude, or don't want to project it, then bin the tie. If you do, enjoy it for what it is.


For what it's worth, I have a not dissimilar Liberty tie (OK, it's a little bit less ugly than yours, but we're talking a matter of degrees. Few would consider the funky floral Liberty ties to be subdued and tasteful) and I like wearing that tie with a navy or charcoal suit and blue striped shirt with a white linen square and black shoes. Or on the more intense side, a strongly checked plaid DB suit and a blue graph check shirt. You get my drift, anyway.

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Holdfast's got a point there. If I had a tie like that, I'd wear it when I feel like "f***k you, world". I'd spend two hours grooming, put on my best suit, shirt and shoes, a neatly folded white linen hanky, and then that tie. Oh yeah icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif


However, if that's not your thing, then yeah, burn it lol8[1].gif

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Want a tie? lol

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Cut it up and make a pocket square, give pocket square away as gift
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Originally Posted by ASNY2VA View Post

What did you purchase in order to get a tie like that as a freebie? I'm thinking something along the lines of a Cosby sweater.


Kidding aside, you might have to cut your losses with it (luckily it was just a freebie)




You'd actually be surprised what types of items randomly show up with hideous freebies. I bought a really nice, discreet Marinella tie a few years back. It came with a Jerry Garcia-esque freebie in fine polyester. It gave new meaning to the phrase "I can't even give this thing away."

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It's really not that bad.  I always get awful ties from relatives for Christmas.  The worst one has dancing Tabasco sauce bottles on it with matching pocket square.  At least no one thought it was a good idea to buy yours.

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Originally Posted by Wallcloud View Post

Cut it up and make a pocket square, give pocket square away as gift

I like this idea. I found a tie at my church's lost and found, that was black with saltwater tropical fish on it. I took it apart and used it to make a pocket square. It looks awesome like that, but as a tie puzzled.gif

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I have couple of ties that I keep only because they are ugly.


I often buy ties when I travel (as a memento), and if I do not find sth. that I like, I get the ugliest I can find. Here look at those: (left to right: China, Germany, S. Korea, SAR, USA - all extremely well made except the last but utterly unwearable). 


I will keep them if I have space on my tie rack.


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