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Which AE shoe to buy??

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I am just starting to purchase quality shoes and today purchased the AE Strand in Walnut and the AE Park Avenue in Black after advice from the forum. 


Here is my question/dilemma?  After reading more threads and articles than I can count, I still can't tell if AE Walnut Strands go with denim in a business casual/casual setting.  I am going to purchase a pair of AE's and can't decide on what to go with? 


#1 Can the AE Walnut Strand's I bought today work with denim?  I am guessing they will work but not the greatest?


#2  What should be my next purchase for with jeans?  A monkstrap?  A chukka?  If one of these what model recommended.  Thank you in advance for the help guys.

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Also looking at the AE Ashbury, any thoughts?

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How does the AE Chelsea compare to other brands?  Trying to keep cost around $300 or less.  The AE description says it has a rubber sole.  Here is description.




Allen Edmonds Ashbury Description:
Exclusively from Allen Edmond's Boot Collection, Ashbury is modeled after a Chelsea style boot, popular in the 1960s. This high quality boot is constructed from a traditional welted process. Made with close attention to detail, you can be sure this durable boot will stay in style. Casual, sophisticated. Ashbury.

Allen Edmonds Ashbury Features:

  • Titan rubber sole
  • Double sided gore
  • Made in USA
  • Recraftable



Are most chelsea boots constructed in a similar way?  Thanks.

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